Nissan offers $400 to some Juke owners due to printing goof

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

Nissan is offering to mail $400 checks to buyers of its small Juke crossover to compensate them for any confusion over a printing error that might have led them to believe their vehicle’s gas tank holds 1.3 gallons more than it actually does, Automotive News reports.

The issue applies only to the all-wheel-drive version of the Juke. Nissan is mailing letters that point to a printing mistake in marketing material for the car. The letter apologizes for the mistake and includes a $400 check. The mistake involves around 4,000 vehicles, less than a third of all the Jukes that Nissan has sold this year.

The vehicle’s tank actually holds 11.8 gallons. Nissan had mistakenly printed that the tank holds 13.2 gallons, same as the front-wheel-drive version of the same model, according to the News.

Read it here


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